Videos for Petra and Ando – Wedding Greetings!


I hope this website find’s you well. For your convenience (and hopefully not too much confusion – thanks to online translation service DeepL) I try to provide the following information in English, German, Finnish, and Spanish. If you find some stuff confusing, please get in touch.
Please find the detailed information here:

I really hope the instructions are clear enough. 🙂

You can help by sharing this page with anyone you know that knows Petra and Ando… except Petra and Ando of course!!! 🙂
I do not intend to offend, so if this document reaches you in error, please simply ignore.

Oh, and by the way: It does not matter if you attend in person or not, I hope to collect as many videos as possible, the more the merrier!

Thank you so, so much for your time and support!


PS: Since there were already a few questions – I plan to edit all videos into one, so I might trim what you send me. HOWEVER, if you really want to send me a longer message, I will also collect EVERYTHING and provide it to Petra and Ando as well. If you ONLY send me a longer message, I will use an excerpt for the main video.

Alternatively, there’s also a PDF document with the infos available here: Information.pdf