Updated and redirected…


finally made the switch for this site from hidden w.i.p.-project to official homepage! If you find some errors or links not working, please drop me a line.

Yes, my resume is in german for now. I’m generally interested in a permanent position at a nice company in Berlin, however, until that becomes a reality, I’d be glad to be of service anywhere.

Also, I’m going to add some more youtube links to the “MISC” page over the next few weeks. Going to post a pretty sweet earth shot (not Gravity-worthy, but still rather happy with it) tomorrow. Small, quick projects, experiments and tests are going to be “posts”, but the general, cool stuff will always be found in the pages linked top right. A new reel for the end of the year is on the way – the preview reel might be fun to watch for friends and collegues, but 3 years of half baked nonsense is still too long for not showing off what I worked on…

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Greetings! Oliver.